If you have holes in your drywall, you should use aluminum patches. For more tips on the subject, click here.

Take full advantage of this free source of drywall tips to enjoy a cozier, quieter and more energy-efficient home now and in the future.

Don’t store mud for drywall repair for more than nine months

This is the maximum shelf life of both all-purpose and lightweight mud even if it is tightly sealed in its own container and is stored at room temperature. After this time expires, the bonding properties of the compound will be greatly reduced. It will no longer be useful for any kind of repair.

Find out if asbestos is present in old wall and ceiling coatings before removal

This compound, which has been confirmed to be carcinogenic, was commonly used in the texture coatings of walls and ceilings prior to 1980. If you are not sure about its presence, a special test will reveal it. Special safety measures must be taken for the removal of old coatings containing asbestos.

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