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Ceiling Removal

Popcorn Ceiling Removal

Our specialist commercial and residential popcorn ceiling removal service is fast, effective and reliable.

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If you require popcorn ceiling removal completed swiftly, you can hire our company with perfect confidence that the work will be done as and when you want. We have extensive expertise and experience in the provision of this type of service. All of our expert technicians are highly qualified, dexterous and committed to excellence. We, at "Drywall Repair Sylmar", do everything for our clients from removing the existing finish to installing a new one and making additional improvements.

Effectiveness, Precision and Perfection

Our specialist team is fully qualified for completing even the most complex of projects including asbestos popcorn ceiling removal. We run preliminary inspection which enables us to draft an effective plan for action. The plan reflects the condition of the ceiling and the specifics of the situation at hand. We prepare the work area carefully and adopt all needed safety measures to ensure that people and property are perfectly well protected.Popcorn Ceiling Removal

Our work is based on high precision and perfect organization. We use only technologically advanced tools and techniques. We take extra care, especially when working with specific designs such as acoustic ones during acoustic ceiling removal, for instance. We achieve high productivity in our work to save you as much time as possible. We are extremely well organized.

We give you an underlying surface which is in excellent condition and fully ready for the installation of the new finish. You can count on us to complete this part of the project as well. This will help you to save time, effort and money. We work with absolutely all types of finishes. We are experts in ceiling tiles installation. We give you the desired strength, durability and aesthetics without wasting any time.

Our removal and installation services are coupled with professional ceiling repair. Existing finishes can suffer from various types of damage, the most common ones are water and mold damage. Some of the main issues we deal with include cracking, deterioration and denting. We have the knowledge and skills to fix all kinds of finishes. The provision of drywall repair is just one of our main areas of expertise. We fix tiles and stucco ornaments as well. After we are done, the finish and decorative elements will be in optimal condition. You will love their looks and the ambience which they create for you.

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